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KS Converter works under a very simple idea. Taking scripts you have typed out in a word processor and converting it into a .ks file which is used by TyranoBuilder to generate a scene. You can either load a .txt file directly or you can copy and paste directly into KS Converter. Also as of 1.3, you can now take a ks file and turn it into a text file. Meaning you can extract your story from TyranoBuilder without having to copy and paste all of it!

Why is this important? The time savings by using this program is monumental. Instead of having to copy and paste your script line by line, this program will do it for you. Granted, there are some caveats:

-You need to follow basic Tyrano guidelines and utilize # for all of your characters (even for narration). This helps KS Converter break up the text so it will look like a proper script.

-KS Converter adds a "Wait" command between every text block. This is intentional and used as a marker for placing other commands in TyranoBuilder. If you want to add images, sounds, and any other asset, you can remove the "Wait" command in Tyrano for whatever command you want.

-It cannot add art, sound, or other commands. As of the current build, this program is only meant for script conversion in it's most basic form. In the future we may revisit adding additional features that support more options. This leaves the rest of the VN's creation up to the creator. Hence why we utilize the "Wait" command as a marker.

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